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Paint Shop Pro

For those on a budget, how to get the most out of Corel's great image editor.


How to produce great graphics in Adobe Photoshop.

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The Continuum: The Connected Web of Art, Business and Love - Article 13 May 2013

In this wide-ranging piece, Simon Meek discusses the threads of art, business and relationships that have led him to his current place in the world.

Introducing Sketch: Is Photoshop Now Old Hat? - Article 12 November 2012

In this article, Simon discusses his switch from Photoshop to Sketch as his design tool of choice, and introduces some of Sketch's core features.

Business Card Giveaway: Win 250 Free Cards from UPrinting! - Article 22 November 2011

Enter for your chance to win 250 free, high-quality business cards from UPrinting.com!

Stock Photos Giveaway: Win a Cutcaster Account with Free Credits! - Article 8 June 2011

Enter for your chance to win a Cutcaster.com account, with 50 bonus credits to spend on stock images!

Stock Photos Giveaway: Win a 1-Year StockedPhotos Membership Worth $99.99! - Article 12 May 2011

Enter for your chance to win a 1-year all-access StockedPhotos.com account worth $99.99!

Ultimate Designer Toolkit Giveaway: Win a VIP Account Worth $99! - Article 20 April 2011

Enter for your chance to win one of 3 Ultimate Designer Toolkit membership plans worth $99.00.

Web Templates Giveaway: Win a 3-Month BoxedArt Membership! - Article 7 March 2011

Enter for your chance to win one of 2 developer membership plans worth $79.99 from BoxedArt.

Camera to Browser: Making a Web Video Xmas Card in 5 Days - Intermediate Article 10 February 2011

Simon explains how he produced a video Christmas card for a client in 5 days. The article covers conceptualisation, shooting, sound, music, editing, and encoding video for the web.

Giveaway: Win 5 Premium WordPress Themes from Theme Junkie - Article 30 November 2010

Enter for your chance to win $150 worth of premium WordPress themes from theme-junkie.com!

MOJO Themes Giveaway: Win Credits to Spend on Premium Themes! - Article 18 October 2010

Enter for your chance to win $25 credit to spend on gorgeous WordPress, Tumblr and Magento themes at www.mojo-themes.com!

It's Giveaway Time! Win a Stock Photo Account with Credits - Article 14 September 2010

Enter for your chance to win a DepositPhotos.com account, with $40 of credit to spend on stock images!

Adobe CS5, The Verdict - Article 10 May 2010

Is CS5 worth the upgrade price? Simon takes an honest look at the pros and cons. Will he fork out the cash, or stick with CS3 instead?

Do I Really Need Adobe CS5? - Article 20 April 2010

Simon regards the new features in Adobe's latest Creative Suite, and tries to decide if it's worth the upgrade.

Why Do Designers Use Macs? - Article 24 October 2009

Simon muses as to why designers seem to prefer Macs. Is it because Macs are cool, or are designers just simpleminded technophobes at heart?

Is Adobe Losing The Plot? - Article 8 October 2009

Simon wonders aloud if Adobe are losing their way. Stability, pricing and interface issues seem to be affecting the way Adobe is perceived in the marketplace.

Understanding Image Formats - Beginner Tutorial 1 January 1998

When should you use GIFs in your Web page? And when are JPEGs appropriate? You'll find answers to these questions, and more, in this tutorial.

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