Using FTP

Welcome to Elated's FTP articles. If you're new to FTP and want to learn how to upload your web pages to your web server, this is the place for you! We start with a gentle introduction to FTP and move on to describing different FTP programs and more advanced uploading techniques.

Articles in Using FTP

WinSCP Tutorial - How to Upload Your Site with WinSCP - Beginner Tutorial 17 May 2010

This beginner WinSCP tutorial shows you how to connect to your Web server using WinSCP and upload your website's files.

FileZilla Tutorial - How to Upload Your Site with FileZilla - Beginner Tutorial 20 July 2009

In this simple FileZilla tutorial, learn how to use FileZilla to upload your website files to your Web server.

Using Cyberduck - Intermediate Tutorial 14 April 2008

Uploading your website with the excellent open-source Mac FTP client, Cyberduck.

Using CuteFTP - Intermediate Tutorial 1 January 1998

This tutorial covers the basics of uploading your website using GlobalSCAPE's CuteFTP for Windows. It was written using CuteFTP 4, but the tutorial should also be useful for users of later versions.

Introduction to FTP - Beginner Tutorial 1 January 1998

What is FTP, and why do you need it? This tutorial reveals all.

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