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Welcome to our Webmaster Articles. You'll find everything from Photoshop tips to JavaScript tutorials to FTP instructions. We've arranged the articles into several main sections, which together cover all the common Webmaster skills and techniques.

Article Topics

Web Development

Client and server-side programming. Covers JavaScript, PHP, Perl and ASP.



These tutorials take a look at the basics of programming classic Active Server Pages. This server-side technology, like CGI, lets you produce dynamic web pages such as forms and database-driven web sites.


Covers JavaScript, the most popular browser scripting language, and some clever tips & tricks.

Perl and CGI Scripting

Learn the Perl programming language and discover how to write CGI scripts such as form mailers, guestbooks and dynamic content scripts.


Explore PHP, one of the most popular Web programming languages in use today. Learn how PHP works and how to write useful PHP scripts and applications.

Web Graphics and Multimedia

Covers Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other graphics articles and tutorials.


Paint Shop Pro

For those on a budget, how to get the most out of Corel's great image editor.


How to produce great graphics in Adobe Photoshop.

Website Authoring

Design tips, HTML and CSS tutorials.



Using Style Sheets to make your web building faster and easier.


How to write web pages using HyperText Markup Language, from beginner's lessons to more advanced tutorials.

Web Design and Style

Make your site stand out from the crowd with these tips from our style gurus.


Read all about XHTML - the successor to HTML - and learn how to build XHTML-compliant Web pages.

Website Management

Getting your site onto the web. Covers website hosting, FTP programs and controlling your web server.



Includes handy things you can do if your site runs on an Apache web server, such as password protecting your pages.

UNIX and Linux

Articles on managing websites on your UNIX, Linux or FreeBSD Web server.

Using FTP

Welcome to Elated's FTP articles. If you're new to FTP and want to learn how to upload your web pages to your web server, this is the place for you! We start with a gentle introduction to FTP and move on to describing different FTP programs and more advanced uploading techniques.

Website Marketing

Website marketing tutorials, articles and tips. Learn how to increase your website traffic and make more money from your site.



Hints and tips for building and running a successful online store.

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