Read all about XHTML - the successor to HTML - and learn how to build XHTML-compliant Web pages.

Articles in XHTML

Writing HTML-compatible XHTML - Intermediate Tutorial 3 December 2007

XHTML may be the Web markup language of the future, but many browsers these days can only understand HTML. What can you do to ensure that your XHTML documents work correctly on current browsers?

XHTML Document Types - Intermediate Reference 19 November 2007

What are document type definitions, and why do you need to know about them when writing XHTML pages? This article reveals all.

Converting HTML to XHTML - Intermediate Tutorial 1 October 2007

Learn how to convert an HTML Web page to XHTML with this detailed example.

Introducing XHTML - Beginner Tutorial 28 August 2007

What is XHTML, and why is it good? In this article you explore the concepts behind XHTML, and learn how it differs from regular HTML.

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