Sick of spam?



Let out your anger on SPAMWARS, a Flash game that pits you against the evil Sid the Spammer in the ultimate spam battle!

Sid is intent on spamming you to death, but you can fight back with a handy array of weaponry!

Shoot the spams before they reach your computer, and try to get Sid at the same time. Watch out for the occasional virus, too!

This game requires the Flash 6 player or later. PIII 500MHz or faster, or G4 Mac or faster recommended. 800x600 or bigger screen size recommended.

Top 5 Spamwars high scores

Position Name Country Score Level
1 ZapZilla [CBF] United States of America 287810 20
2 Matt Pawlowski United States of America 103120 38
3 DeMoL_AT Brazil 85390 40
4 ZapZilla [CBF] United States of America 78380 35
5 Turnipatour United Kingdom 77080 38

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