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The ELATED Extra: Nov 26, 2002

ELATED - Love Your Site 

In This Issue:

1. Welcome to the ELATED Extra!
2. Webmaster's Tip
3. What's New on the ELATED Sites
4. Ask ELATED: Your Questions Answered
5. Our Site of the Moment: "Flash Kit"
6. And Finally...

1. Welcome to the new-look ELATED Extra!

Greetings from ELATED!  Simon and Matt here, with the latest news from
us at

Well it's been a long time since we last altered our newsletter
format, and we thought it was time for a change!  So welcome to our
new-look newsletter, the ELATED Extra.  Don't worry, all the changes
are for the better! :)

As well as the regular news of our site updates, and the exclusive
tips, we'll be improving the newsletter with more useful features.

The first new feature is called "Ask ELATED".  In this section, you
can ask us any web building question you like - whether it's to do
with graphic design, HTML authoring, framesets, JavaScript, site
promotion, or anything else you can think of!  We'll choose one or two
questions and publish them, along with our answers, in the next

So send your questions into us today!

We're also adding a regular section called "Our Site of the Moment". 
In this section, we write about an excellent site that we've been
visiting a lot recently.  The site might have caught our eye due to
its excellent design, clever coding, or because we've found it to be
really useful.  Or it may just be funny, or just deeply cool! 
Whatever the reason, we'll be raving about it and telling you why we
think it's so good.  You might not agree with us, but hopefully you'll
find the section useful and entertaining! :)

So in true Spinal Tap style - we hope you enjoy our new direction! 
We'd love to hear what you think of the new format - just drop us an
email and let us know.  Thanks!

Simon & Matt

2. Exclusive Webmaster's Tip!

(Each newsletter we send out contains a special tip for you, the
reader, that is not available on the ELATED sites.)

When building your site, make sure you have a default page for the
browser to load. This usually needs to be called index.html or
index.htm, though there are other variants.

If you don't have one of these default pages in your site or folder,
the browser will either display the file listing or, more likely, just
give you a "forbidden" message!  

3. What's New on the ELATED Sites

Here's what's been happening on the sites recently:

19 November: "Working With Dates" JavaScript Tutorial

We've added a new JavaScript tutorial explaining how to manipulate
dates in JavaScript.  It introduces the Date object, and lists some of
the methods that you can use to store and retrieve dates and times. 
We've also provided you with some example code that you can use to
display the current date in your web pages, in a nice user-friendly
format.  Feel free to use this code in your own sites!

Read the tutorial here:

20 November: New PageKit on

We've uploaded a new template to, called "Window Blinds".
It features a lovely smooth, gentle colour scheme, and like many of
the templates, it uses HTML and style sheets for the
menus, for easy editing and customization. The template was loosely
designed around a GUI theme.

For more details, see the front page of the site:

26 November: Spamwars - a great new Flash game!

Just for fun, here's a new Flash game that we've just finished making.

We all get spam, right?  Well now's your chance to fight back!  Armed
with an array of weapons, you get to battle the evil Sid the Spammer
and prevent his spam reaching your computer.  Great fun!  See if you
can beat the high score!

You'll need the Flash 6 plugin to play this game.

Have fun - and tell your friends about Spamwars! :)

4. Ask ELATED: Your Questions Answered

This section gives you the chance to ask us any questions related to
building websites.  If you have a question, please send it in, and
maybe we'll include it, along with an answer, in the next issue!

We have two visitor queries this issue.  The first is from Don McL,
who asks:

  "I am wanting to add an "active" or live time and date to a
  website.  Do you know of such a date / time element and
  where a free download may exist or how to create one ?
  Hope you may be able to enlighten one who's in the dark !"

Try this site for JavaScript clock scripts - I think one of these will
do what you need:

Many of these scripts will place a continually updating time and date
on your website.  They're easy to use - just copy and paste into your
page.  Make sure you paste into the actual HTML file using a text
editor (or a web page editor in "source" mode).  If you paste it into
the graphical mode of FrontPage or Dreamweaver, it will probably mess
up the JavaScript!

Question 2 comes from Heidi Freier:

  "I have just made a new website using an Elated template.
  I used Claris HomePage to make the modifications.  Now
  I've uploaded it and it's working just Explorer
  and AOL.  But when I try to go to the site in Netscape, I
  get a / default.css page that displays the message "File
  Not Found".  Why is this happening?  Can you help?"

The reason you're getting this error is that the style sheet file,
default.css, has not been uploaded correctly.  Usually this is in the
same folder as the index.html file in the PageKit.
Internet Explorer doesn't care if the style sheet is missing and just
renders the page without it.  Netscape 4 is more fussy though, and
will generate an error if the style sheet isn't there!  Check and
re-upload the default.css file, and all should then be well.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask us here at ELATED?  Just send
your question to us, and if it's appropriate we'll publish
it, along with our answer, in the next issue.

5. Our Site of the Moment: "Flash Kit"

If you're after a place to learn Flash, or to pick some cool Flash
techniques and sample movies, you could do worse than pay these guys a

There is so much stuff here, we don't even know where to begin listing
it all!  You can download open-source Flash movies (.fla), learn
design and ActionScripting techniques using the Tutorials, and grab
lots of supporting resources such as images, sound effects, sound
loops, and fonts.  Once you're done with all that, check out the
forums for Flash help and general chit-chat.  The site features all
the latest Flash industry news on the front page too.  Quality stuff!

6. And Finally...

What would you like to see on in the future?  Perhaps, as a
Web developer, you'd like to see more of a certain type of PageKit, or
more tutorials on a certain subject.  Or perhaps you'd like to see
some improvements to a part of our site, or a whole new section
altogether?  Or maybe you'd like to suggest some changes to our ELATED
Extra newsletter format?

Mail us and let us know!

We hope you enjoyed reading this edition of The ELATED Extra, and look
forward to meeting you on the Forums!

Best wishes,
Simon & Matt

Love Your Site


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