Hiding Links....?

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18-Aug-17 15:03
Thanks for allowing me to join.
I am pretty experienced w/ html, but with that being said, this has stumped me.
I am doing a site that REQUIRED a user to fill in a form to be able to see the various vendor links who offer FREE services.
The form is on the index/homepage.
In order for Google to recognize the enormity of this site, I will need to provide links to my various other pages.
BUT..........if I show the links (which show the vendors in their respective category, AND the free service or product they offer), then why would the user even bother to fill in my form? It's like "Why buy the Cow if you get the milk for free?"
The links need to be on the homepage to make the site valuable.
What would be the best way to resolve this important issue?
I've been working on this site for almost a year and am now ready to publish. I am STUMPED!!!!

18-Aug-17 20:27

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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