Audio player track list dont scroll on Smartphone but works well on PC

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09-May-17 12:20
Hello everyone !
In my blog there is a music player with control buttons and below a list of titles to play by clicking on each of them.
It works well on PC, but on smartphone when I hover and touch on the list of titles the scroll bar hangs ...

I have isolated the part that is causing me problem on the page below so that you can take a look.
I hid all the player buttons in a black block and the list of titles is underneath.
With the developer mode of your browser you will find that when you change the device from pc to smartphone device and you reload your page, the scroll on the playlist don't react anymore...

In first time i had problem on two pc and smartphone, but after deactivating a 'value.preventDefault ();' On a 'btarget.mousewheel [/ b]' at line 979 the problem was solved on PC but not on Smartphone (Aquos and Experia) ...

target.mousewheel(function(value, text, dataAndEvents, deepDataAndEvents) {
value = el.slider("value");
if (1 < parseInt(value) && -1 == parseInt(text) || 100 > parseInt(value) && 1 == parseInt(text)) {
value += text;
el.slider("value", value);
callback(value, data, options, thumbsHolder_Thumb, el, node);

If someone has any ideas...

Thank you
09-Oct-17 02:48
I love it for music with a subscription to the service, but it sucks for podcasts as you can't directly enter URLs if the podcast isn't available on their lists.

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