JSON Object in A Kindle eBook

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10-Dec-16 15:51
Before I go into a lengthy explanation that might be irrelevant, my problem involves a Kindle fixed layout ebook rather than a website.

The ebook uses html and css, and a JSON object that calls a specific Kindle code that will only work on Kindle devices.

The code pops up new content on the screen. The problem is that the JSON Objects beneath the popped-up content remain active - so when a reader tries to dismiss the popped-up content, they trigger one of the underlying JSON objects instead.

I've hit a brick wall with my very limited knowledge.

If there's anyone in the community whose knowledge extends to Kindle fixed layout development, I'd really appreciate your input.

Fingers crossed.

Thank you.
10-Dec-16 17:41
Drawing a blank here ... ... I only read on my Kindle, never got around to programming for it.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
10-Dec-16 17:57
Thanks anyway, Chris.

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