Feedback on Mobile Responsiveness of eCommerce Shipping Website

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19-Aug-16 03:23
Hi all,

Please can you advise me on how to improve the mobile responsiveness of these websites (both of which use the same theme)?

Parcelhub - business parcel delivery -

Mail Workshop - eCommerce fulfilment services -

Is the theme actually any good or should I use a different one?

It uses WordPress as the CMS, but it doesn't seem to let you control the content as it should appear on mobile, it only lets you control the PC version in terms of content blocks.

Maybe there's a WordPress plugin that will enable me to use this?

Best regards,


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24-Feb-17 05:24
Hi Ross

The best thing is to use a Wordpress theme that automatically has responsiveness built in.

We sell art glass all over the world and 65% of our clients are using phones and tablets to browse our site.

We have Wordpress that automatically links with Amazon and also our ecommerce order fulfillment partner - - which makes life a lot easier for us!


25-Feb-17 16:20
Well I suppose we can assume that after six months the the question is irrelevant as the two referenced 'sites' are currently using different themes;

StartIt ( on one ... ;

... CircleFlip ( on the other.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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