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01-Dec-14 17:20
Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself. Not sure this is the right forum section.
My name is Edo and I live in the Netherlands.
Been trying to learn webdesign for about three years now, of which the last two in a more serious manner.
Think I've got the basics of HTML and CSS figured out for the most and can scribble some jQuery too.
Still learning a whole lot about modern concepts though, like the use of svg, canvas and 3D transforms.

Hope to learn a bit here too and maybe even help out here and there.

02-Dec-14 05:10
Hey, Man! Welcome on board

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
02-Dec-14 16:13
Thanks! Generally expanding my forum activities, I thought I'd start with a familiar one.

10-Dec-14 00:57
Welcome Shikkediel! Thanks for helping out on the forums.

Matt Doyle, Elated
10-Dec-14 17:04
Thanks for the welcome, glad to help out here or there.

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