Xp problems after system recovery

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11-Apr-14 11:55
My internet explorer won't work,I can't get to my proxy setting page to reset them
. Just thought I'd tell you what I've learned so far.
I can use IE in safe mode,but can't complete M-updates there.
I think I'm either missing something in my computer or I've got something
corrupt in my computer.I don't think I have any virus.
If I disable all in startup it doesn't make any difference.When I recovered my computer
to 2004 I get all those destop icons that I don't think I want. Maybe some of those could
be the culprit . I think I've got all the updates before closing time.
I am just going to use this computer for a spare when having trouble with my W-7.
The Xp is functioning rather good but will have to get IE going.their is some small thing
that's doing this .I'm out of ideas to fix this.
11-Apr-14 13:44
You are going to have to install ten years of updates manually before Windows update for XP is turned off, which will be in five days time.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
11-Apr-14 17:07
Thanks for the input Chris,
I believe I got all the updates. It's just that I can't use
IE. After I got all update is when this started. The computer works good in safe mode but won't let me check anymore for updates.
12-Apr-14 08:22
Installing Firefox instead would be the best thing you could do

Then you will have to manually download service packs and security patches that are still available.


Beyond that you are now stuck with what you have with XP, Windows update is closed, and all support has ceased unless you are paying for the extended support packege.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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