CMS in an afternoon: image upload

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30-Jan-12 09:49

I followed the Tutorial 'Build a CMS in an afternoon' and the result is great!

But now I would like to put an image script into the CMS, so I can upload one or a few images in editArticle and view them in viewArticle.

I am a total noob, and didn't understand the resolutions in the comments so far.

I hope someone can explain to me how to add this function or upload/share his script.

Oh, and something like TinyMCE is not what i'm looking for

Sorry if my English is bad, Dutch is my language.

Thanks in advance!

02-Feb-12 21:54
@iJelle: I posted some hints on image upload here:

As I say, I may write a follow-up tutorial on image uploading at some point.

Matt Doyle, Elated
18-May-12 07:06

Your tutorials are awesome..Person who doesn't know anything can become professional by following your posts...Gr8 job...

Please suggest me how to include Image upload button(I mean images need to stored in the server and needs to retrieve the same image of the article) and functionality to edit article and in the home page... Please help me matt...

Thank you very much for givings us wonderful
15-Jun-12 02:22
Hey guys, I added an image upload tutorial for the CMS recently that may help:

Matt Doyle, Elated

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