Ecommerce - How to Take Payments Online

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05-Oct-09 00:00
This is a forum topic for discussing the article "Ecommerce - How to Take Payments Online":

Learn how to get a merchant account and payment gateway, and how to take payments without a merchant account. Also explains how to integrate payment systems with your store, and looks at fees and charges.
26-Oct-09 10:41
This is a nice guide for those considering taking their business to the next level.

26-Oct-09 22:34
Thanks mauco! The world of online payments and merchant accounts is pretty confusing, so I thought an article that outlined the main options would be helpful.


Matt Doyle, Elated
13-Aug-12 15:55
Even though article is several years old I still found resourceful as helping a guy like me who doesn't understand the ins and outs of setting up a e-commerce store. very well put together.
22-Aug-12 04:07

If you’re a small business, another way to take payments online in a flash is to sign up for FreshBooks. They have a very seamless way to a) invoice clients and b) set up all the steps for online payment (above) in a very simple, very efficient way.

I’d highly recommend FreshBooks for any entrepreneur who is just starting up a small business.


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