Top 10 Free Ways to Build Traffic to Your Site

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22-Aug-08 00:00
This is a forum topic for discussing the article "Top 10 Free Ways to Build Traffic to Your Site":

We all want more visitors to our sites. So what can you do to build site traffic? This article lists 10 sure-fire techniques that won't cost a cent.
24-Mar-10 00:13
Awesome Article!
nice post very resourceful and informative,I really appreciate the information you are offering here on free ways to drive traffic to websites
Thanks for sharing
keep up the great work

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25-Mar-10 23:46
Thanks John.

Matt Doyle, Elated
01-Apr-10 10:54
This is a great list of website marketing but it's not easy for a new site to build up client's trust,thanks for sharing your thoughts.
08-Apr-10 04:35
@boscodcosta: It depends on the type of site (content publisher, ecommerce, etc) but here are some tips for building trust:

- Always include your company's physical address and contact number on the site, and provide a contact form so that visitors can reach you.

- Provide testimonials and money-back guarantees (if you're an online store).

- Register a top-level domain name (.com, .net etc) that doesn't sound spammy or laden with keywords for SEO purposes.

- Get a professional designer to design your site and logo.

Hope that helps! Anyone have any more ideas for building trust?


Matt Doyle, Elated
15-Apr-10 06:38
Thanks for the recommendation.It is obvious Matt that It depends on the type of site.
29-Nov-10 12:31
Great information.
28-Jun-12 20:15
Thanks for posting this! This is really helpful and informative. I am using some of the tips you mentioned and am about to try the others (ie. viral marketing , offline promotion). I've been in the SEO industry in just a little over a month and I am constantly trying to look for ways to improve my craft.

29-Oct-12 11:57
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01-Nov-12 06:26
It really does make one wonder if these people are actually reading the same thing as the rest of us are???

And if they are:


So long, and thanks for all the fish.
01-Nov-12 06:27

What planet are they reading it on?????????????????????

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
01-Nov-12 06:36
"I’m going to watch out for brussels."

Yeah you have to be careful, you know what effect eating cruciferous vegetables can have on the digestive system

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
21-Nov-12 20:54
@chrishirst: lol!

Matt Doyle, Elated
29-Jul-14 07:37
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31-Jul-14 19:41
A lot of the information obtained from this article. I need information like this. It's great article and good job.
09-Aug-14 00:05
Nice tips!
26-Oct-16 18:57
I have a question. About how many contents should I post daily? What would be the ideal?
28-Oct-16 11:18
Assuming this;

" About how many contents should I post daily? "

Actually means;

How many 'articles' should I 'post' daily?

You have ENTIRELY the wrong idea of how to 'Build Traffic'.

To save me repeating myself, ... Read this:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
30-Oct-16 23:00
I always refer to articles like this when trying to improve the performance of my website. Thanks for sharing.
19-Jan-17 02:45
How to get traffic for new classified site
19-Jan-17 03:45

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
19-Feb-17 14:15
It's very useful information! Thanks for sharing!

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