Selecting Layers in Photoshop

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16-Jul-07 00:00
This is a forum topic for discussing the article "Selecting Layers in Photoshop":

You probably know you can select a Photoshop layer by clicking it in the Layers palette, but there's a lot more to selecting layers than meets the eye. This tutorial reveals a whole range of useful tips and tricks for layer selection.
06-Feb-13 04:23
Thanks was very helpful will save a lot of time at my workplace.

19-Feb-13 09:00

It's very helpful...
13-May-13 10:17
Thx for the great article.Here is a little problem in Photoshop CS6 to use Rubber-band selection.It didn't work for me.Anyone got the same problem???
14-May-13 06:08
Hi guys! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm proud to say that I knew 99% of it, only one or two «tricks» that in Portuguese keyboards don't work due to keys positions. Well, even those I knew a few... lucky me, ahahah!

Cheers from Portugal!

Márcio Guerra

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Or something like it...
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01-Jul-13 09:05
it is very useful .... thank u so much
04-Jul-13 02:00
It's very helpful, thanks ~~

04-Jul-13 22:40
Thanks a lot!!!
03-Aug-13 11:14
Thanks, Matt, for creating such a very helpful & CLEARLY stated/illustrated article. Most such are not nearly so easy to understand and follow.
13-Aug-13 00:13
Thanks Jeff

Matt Doyle, Elated
12-Feb-14 01:14
Thanks for the help! That was just what I was needing. I was trying to get a photoshop image ready for a Spanish page for my website, and I had hundreds of little "dots" that I was needing to select and space-out properly, and your advice will save me lots of time from now on!

Brad Caldwell
DBA Roof, Rinse Run
19-Feb-14 00:30
Select the layer you wish to have left on. Then, press and hold Alt (Option for Mac) and click the eye icon for that layer. All of the other layers will turn off besides your selected layer. However this will only work for Photoshop CS2 or higher. Alternately, you can select all of the layers you want turned off and then go to Layer > Hide Layers. It's also a good idea to group your layers if you have a ton of them. Just click the little folder icon in the layers palette and drag your layers into the new folder. This way you can show/hide multiple layers just by clicking their corresponding folder.
09-Aug-14 02:37
Good tutorial! Thanks man!
09-Aug-14 03:12
10-Aug-14 11:26
10-Aug-14 11:54
Piss OFF you bloody idiots.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
11-Aug-14 12:40
12-Aug-14 02:00
12-Aug-14 04:22
Its good..
14-Aug-14 06:49
30-May-17 00:27
Very useful tutorials about photo shop layers. Thank you so much for sharing this guideline with us.
27-Sep-17 04:45
Photoshop layers are like tracing sheets. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers underneath. You move a layer to position the content material at the layer, like sliding a tracing sheet in a stack. You can also change the opacity of a layer to make content material in part transparent.

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