Ultimate Designer Toolkit Giveaway: Win a VIP Account Worth $99!

Enter for your chance to win one of 3 Ultimate Designer Toolkit membership plans worth $99.00.

Ultimate Designer Toolkit Giveaway: Win a VIP Account Worth 99!

Time for another giveaway, dear readers! Today, we're offering 3 one-year VIP accounts for Ultimate Designer Toolkit, worth $99 each. Ultimate Designer Toolkit is a collection of resources to make your life easier as a web designer or coder.

A VIP account gives you access to over 60,000 premium resources, with more being added each day. The resources include:

Not bad for $99. Even better if you win the giveaway!

Ultimate Designer Toolkit screenshot

How to Enter

For your chance to win a $99 VIP membership at Ultimate Designer Toolkit, just do either (or both) of the following:

  1. Add a comment below.
  2. Tweet this message:

    @ElatedDotCom Ultimate Designer Toolkit Giveaway: Win a VIP Account Worth $99! http://bit.ly/g25f0R

If you add a comment and send a tweet, you'll double your chance of winning!

We'll pick the 3 winners at random next Wednesday, April 27, and announce them here. We'll also notify you via email/Twitter if you've won.

UPDATE APRIL 27: Our winners are nicksp, @WPThemeInfo and lideshi (picked using RANDOM.ORG). Congratulations — and thanks to everyone who entered! :)

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20-Apr-11 05:50
i twitted it to twitter.com/hosseind600
20-Apr-11 10:53
Wohoo! Great bundle. Really love it. It would be my only tools all-in-one i needed for my coding & designing stuff.

REALLY hope to win it!!!!!!!!!
20-Apr-11 13:39
Pick me!
21-Apr-11 01:01
Just starting my web design business. I am very excited to find this site/blog as it looks like it will be very helpfull. Would be sweet to win one of the prizes too.
21-Apr-11 14:15
Always amazing how many posters appear for a competition, only to be never seen again once it is over
22-Apr-11 01:38
Chris, you're such a cynic But I'll enter you for the competition anyway

Anyway a couple of these posters are regulars (hello Crispy and nicksp)!

22-Apr-11 04:50
Indeed a gr8 Bundle… Thank You for the Giveaway ..
22-Apr-11 13:27
Certainly a very useful one for me. I hope that I'll win one membership.

Tweet : http://twitter.com/#!/eysagar/status/61496201048113152
23-Apr-11 07:38
Great site! even better if i win the account
24-Apr-11 12:01
I have been visiting this site for some of the great articles and recently read article by Matt Doyle covering in-depth-features using Jquery Mobile including Dialogs. It was really stunning article.

Keep it up guys and keeping my fingers crossed if I will be the lucky one to win VIP Account
25-Apr-11 01:56
Pretty awesome site, and an equally awesome giveaway - I'm in
25-Apr-11 05:37
great giveaway.
26-Apr-11 03:08
Been using this site for inspiration and help during a mobile jQuery project... Great tutorials!

Greetings from Denmark
27-Apr-11 03:48
Great deal! Hope I'll win...
27-Apr-11 06:52
Great package, hope i'm not to late !!

Thank you
27-Apr-11 08:38
I'm feeling lucky!

09-May-11 02:54
"Chris, you're such a cynic"

It's what keeps me sane in a world of increasing madness

By the way you really need to implement BBCode style "quotes"
09-May-11 02:55
Well, .... alright,

.... almost sane
10-May-11 02:08
@chrishirst: Yes, quotes are on the to-do list

24-May-11 14:13
Oops! Looks like this giveaway has been over for almost a month now.

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