PHP Objects

Learn about object-oriented programming in PHP. These tutorials show you how to use PHP classes and objects to build robust object-oriented code.

Articles in PHP Objects

Object-Oriented PHP: Autoloading, Serializing, and Querying Objects - Intermediate Tutorial 29 June 2011

In this object-oriented PHP tutorial, you learn how to automatically load classes, convert objects to strings, and inspect objects, properties and methods.

Object-Oriented PHP: Working with Inheritance - Intermediate Tutorial 26 May 2011

Learn how inheritance works in PHP. This tutorial explores the concept of parent and child classes; overriding methods; final classes; abstract classes, and interfaces. Example code included.

Object-Oriented PHP: Delving Deeper into Properties and Methods - Intermediate Tutorial 29 April 2011

Learn how to work with PHP properties and methods in depth. Looks at constructors and destructors; static properties and methods; class constants; type hinting; and overloading.

Object-Oriented PHP for Absolute Beginners - Beginner Tutorial 8 April 2011

This tutorial introduces you to object-oriented programming in PHP. You'll explore the basics of object-oriented programming, and learn how to write simple object-oriented PHP scripts.

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