PHP Functions

Learn all about PHP functions: How to create your own functions, how variable scope works, the concepts of references and recursion, and more!

Articles in PHP Functions

PHP Anonymous Functions: What Are They, and Why Use Them? - Advanced Tutorial 10 December 2012

Learn how to create and use anonymous functions, callbacks and closures in PHP.

PHP Recursive Functions: How to Write Them, and Why They're Useful - Intermediate Tutorial 4 February 2011

Find out how to write recursive functions in PHP, and why recursion is really handy for certain tasks. Code examples are included in the tutorial.

PHP Variable Scope: All You Need to Know - Beginner Tutorial 15 October 2010

Discover how variable scope works in PHP. This beginner tutorial explores global and local scope, and shows how to access globals within functions, work with superglobals, and create static variables.

Make Your Own PHP Functions: The Newbie Guide - Beginner Tutorial 16 September 2010

Learn how to create and use your own functions in PHP. This tutorial reveals the benefits of functions, and shows how to use parameters and return values. Includes lots of code examples.

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