The Document Object Model

Learn how to use the DOM (Document Object Model), along with JavaScript, to manipulate Web page elements dynamically.

Articles in The Document Object Model

JavaScript Tabs - Create Tabbed Web Pages Easily - Intermediate Tutorial 17 March 2009

Learn how to use JavaScript to create a tabbed Web page for holding lots of content. Full code included for copying and pasting into your website!

A JavaScript Accordion to Show and Hide HTML - Advanced Tutorial 19 January 2009

Build a JavaScript accordion script that lets visitors show and hide parts of an HTML Web page.

Changing Page Elements with the DOM - Intermediate Tutorial 28 November 2008

Learn how to use the JavaScript DOM to alter the content of your Web pages. This article shows you how to change element content, how to add and remove elements in the page, how to move elements around, and how to work with element attributes.

Looking Inside DOM Page Elements - Intermediate Tutorial 7 November 2008

This article shows you how to access the contents and attributes of any DOM element in a Web page. You also find out about node properties and relationships, and learn how to move around the DOM tree.

Retrieving Page Elements via the DOM - Intermediate Tutorial 31 October 2008

How can you use the Document Object Model to access the various parts of your Web page? This tutorial shows you how to retrieve HTML elements using three handy DOM methods.

Introducing the JavaScript DOM - Beginner Tutorial 3 October 2008

What is the Document Object Model, and why is it useful? This article gives you a gentle introduction to this powerful JavaScript feature.

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