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Using Style Sheets to make your web building faster and easier.


How to write web pages using HyperText Markup Language, from beginner's lessons to more advanced tutorials.

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Read all about XHTML - the successor to HTML - and learn how to build XHTML-compliant Web pages.

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7 Exciting Up-and-Coming Web Technologies - Article 1 October 2013

Learn about 7 new exciting technologies that are starting to emerge in the web design and development world. These technologies and apps could make your life as a web designer or coder easier and more fun!

HTML5 Template Giveaway: Win a Copy of Type & Grids Pro - Article 8 April 2013

Enter for your chance to win a copy of the classy HTML5 template "Type & Grids Pro", worth $59!

Web Design State of the Nation: One Designer's Journey - Article 9 September 2012

Simon looks at how web design and build workflows have changed for him over the last eighteen months.

Build Responsive Sites Quickly with Foundation - Intermediate Tutorial 31 July 2012

Learn how to use the Foundation framework to build nice-looking sites that work great across desktop and mobile browsers.

Markup-Service Giveaway: Win $300 Credit for Your Next PSD to HTML Job! - Article 20 July 2011

Enter for your chance to win a account, with $300 bonus credit to spend on PSD to HTML conversions.

10 Ways the Mobile Web is Different - Article 3 June 2011

Using websites on a mobile device is a very different experience to desktop browsing. This article looks at 10 ways that mobile web browsing is different, and how to cater for these differences when building your sites.

Web Templates Giveaway: Win a 3-Month BoxedArt Membership! - Article 7 March 2011

Enter for your chance to win one of 2 developer membership plans worth $79.99 from BoxedArt.

Giveaway: Win a Professional XHTML Template for Your Admin Pages - Article 14 December 2010

Enter for your chance to win a professional XHTML/CSS/jQuery template from Admin Templates, worth $45.

Giveaway: Win 5 Premium WordPress Themes from Theme Junkie - Article 30 November 2010

Enter for your chance to win $150 worth of premium WordPress themes from!

The Top 30 Websites, Viewed in IE6 - Article 12 November 2010

IE6 might be a "dying" browser, but many folks still use it. So how do the top 30 sites on the web look in IE6? No problems, or totally broken? Do they ask users to upgrade? This article reveals all!

MOJO Themes Giveaway: Win Credits to Spend on Premium Themes! - Article 18 October 2010

Enter for your chance to win $25 credit to spend on gorgeous WordPress, Tumblr and Magento themes at!

25 Web Tech Buzzwords Demystified - Article 9 September 2010

Confused by CDNs? Mesmerised by Modernizr? Dazzled by doctypes? This handy guide explains 25 of-the-moment web technology buzzwords in plain English.

Photoshop to HTML Step-By-Step, Layout 1: "MiniMal" - Intermediate Tutorial 27 July 2010

In this walkthrough, Matt shows how to take a web template design in Photoshop and create a finished HTML and CSS template. Full code download included.

10 Fantastic Free Web Page Editors - Article 4 May 2010

Want a great, 100% free editor for coding your HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Matt reviews ten of the best free Web editors available today.

Textile and Markdown: 2 Nice Alternatives to WYSIWYG Editors - Article 16 March 2010

Explores the Textile and Markdown lightweight markup languages, and shows how to use them as an alternative to WYSIWYG HTML editors.

Create a Site Map to Aid Navigation - Intermediate Tutorial 10 December 2009

Learn about HTML site maps, why they're useful, and how to make one. Plenty of real-world examples included.

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons for Webmasters - Article 28 October 2009

Matt lists his 10 must-have Firefox add-ons for anyone who designs, codes or manages websites. Essential reading!

How to Make a Website - Beginner Tutorial 7 July 2009

Never created a website before? This article shows you how. Learn all the steps needed to make a website.

How to Start a Blog - Beginner Tutorial 21 April 2009

Learn how to start a blog. Find out how to choose a blog system, set up your blog, build traffic, and make money blogging.

10 Tips for Building Cross-browser Websites - Advanced Tutorial 9 January 2009

10 useful tips to ensure your Web pages look good across all browsers and attract more visitors.

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