These tutorials take a look at the basics of programming classic Active Server Pages. This server-side technology, like CGI, lets you produce dynamic web pages such as forms and database-driven web sites.

Articles in ASP

ASP Forms - Intermediate Tutorial 2 November 2003

Learn how to create and handle Web-based forms using ASP.

Looping the Loop - Intermediate Tutorial 5 October 2003

This tutorial shows you how to make stuff happen repeatedly using VBScript's looping commands.

Making Your Mind Up - Intermediate Tutorial 9 September 2003

In nearly every program you write, you'll need to make decisions. This tutorial shows you how to do just that!

Password Protecting Your Pages - Advanced Tutorial 19 September 2001

Ever wanted to limit access to certain pages of your website? This tutorial explains how you can add password protection to your pages using ASP.

The FileSystem Object - Advanced Tutorial 7 August 2001

In this tutorial, we use the FileSystem object to build a cool script to rotate the images displayed on a page.

Your First ASP Script - Beginner Tutorial 5 June 2001

In this tutorial we will create a simple ASP script to convert from one currency to another, and use this example to explain some of the basic methods of programming ASP.

Setting Up an ASP Web Server - Beginner Tutorial 25 May 2001

How to set up a Web server on your PC, so that you can start writing and running ASP pages.

Introduction to ASP - Beginner Tutorial 14 May 2001

What is ASP, and what can it do? The basic concepts explained.

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