eBook Giveaway: Win a Copy of The Best 365 Websites Around the World

Enter for your chance to win a digital copy of "The Best 365 Websites Around the World" from Awwwards!

eBook Giveaway: Win a Copy of The Best 365 Websites Around the World

It's giveaway time again here on Elated! This week, you can win a digital copy of The Best 365 Websites Around the World (2011) from the lovely folks over at Awwwards. We have five digital copies of this beautiful eBook to give away.

This 194-page book contains 365 of the world's best websites, as voted by a worldwide jury of web designers, developers, artists and UX designers during 2011. Each site is rated by these experts using four criteria: design, creativity, usability, and content. This book is a great way to discover new web design ideas and get inspired.

You can purchase the book in both digital and hardcover editions.

Book: The Best 365 Websites Around the World (2011)

Who is Awwwards?

Awwwards recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. An international jury made up of some of the most important designers, bloggers and internet agencies evaluates each site by means of a strict system of evaluation, scoring it on a scale of 1 to 10 for its design, creativity, usability and content.

Awwwards' goal is to create a meeting point where web developers, designers and agencies across the world can share experiences, inspiration and knowledge — a community that bids for a more accessible, usable and beautiful internet.

Awwwards website

How to Enter

For your chance to win a digital copy of The Best 365 Websites Around the World, just do both of the following:

  1. Tweet this message:

    @ElatedDotCom eBook Giveaway: Win "The Best 365 Websites Around the World" from @awwwards! http://bit.ly/JRaWZd #ElatedGiveaways


  2. Add a comment below, telling us what your all-time favourite website is, and why. Don't forget to include the link to your tweet in the comment!

We'll pick the five most interesting, witty or insightful comments on Tuesday, May 22, and announce the winners here. We'll also notify you via email/Twitter if you've won.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. To enter, simply send a tweet and add a comment as described in How to Enter above.
  3. This competition is open to entrants anywhere in the world.
  4. This competition is hosted by Elated Communications via our blog at www.elated.com.
  5. Each prize is a digital copy of "The Best 365 Websites Around the World (2011)", valued at €6. There are five prizes available.
  6. The competition opens 6:00am Tuesday, May 8 2012 AEST and closes 11:59pm Tuesday, May 22 2012 AEST.
  7. This competition is a game of skill, and the winners will be chosen based on the most interesting comments, as judged by the Elated team, and notified by email and/or Twitter, and via this blog post, on Wednesday, May 23 2012 AEST.

UPDATE MAY 23: The giveaway is now closed. Our winners are nicksp, mauco, efwis and egzonche. Congratulations — and thanks to everyone who entered! :)

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4 responses (oldest first):

08-May-12 03:29
Cool giweavay. So...

Pre Scriptum: Sorry for my english

My latest trend favourite website is the next one -> http://yarastore.ru/ (in russian though)

Why do i love it?

--If I could summarize the experience of the use of the website, I would say so:

Modern, pretty looking website based on modern and interactive web elements with bulletproof design concepts and layouts with graceful degradation and progressive anhancement behind the scenes. It utilizes cool js effects and great css tricks throughout the whole website. Just look around the website...

--In more detailed words (smth. like a personal review of system functionality):

The main page shows the product and a metaphor for growth.

Your child is in the spotlight. From the original “I grow up” to a more personal “Andrew grows up” (the upper-left interactive form on the main page).

Exhaustive product information and instructions fill the page in form of neat looking tables and layouts(http://yarastore.ru/products/formula-2/).

That website showed nutrition tips in a new user interface that combines the familiarity of a linear scroll and the usability of a per-question index. The format suits any website’s FAQ section. Also please note the excellent smooth scrolling in the left colum of the page (http://yarastore.ru/faq/).

Customers only fill the order form once, with minimum details (http://yarastore.ru/order/formula-2/).

The site requires no sign-up, passwords or e-mail confirmations. It's engine remembers customers and reminds then when their product may have run out or when it’s time to switch to a different-age product.
So, 'Ya Rastu' Website is both a product and a service. It illustrates modern approach to designing efficient systems. The name, the logo, all the packaging and websites work together in perfect harmony.

Here is the link to my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/nickplekhanov/status/199748762397196288

[Edited by nicksp on 08-May-12 03:29]
08-May-12 04:05
I must confess, its not easy for me to pick my all-time favourite website because there are so many. But if I'm to pick just one (on the spur of the moment) it'll be thepixelio.com - why? I just like the simple look/feel of the website, its easy to navigate and loads rather fast.

Link to my tweet:
08-May-12 12:07
Well, I guess my favorite site would have to be harleydavidson.com.

the main reason is obvious, it's Harley Davidson motorcycles. And since I hang out with a MC (Motorcycle Club) and go to a biker church on Sundays led by a pastor from a local MM (Motorcycle Ministry) it only makes sense that I enjoy that site.

So don't forget, Save a life, share the road with motorcycles.

here is my tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/sixtoedDesign/status/199899544371204096
18-May-12 05:01
Great giveaway, thank you Elated.
My favorite website is http://www.rrota.com , it is a local company which has a really great portfolio of their work.
Link of my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/egzonche/status/203423526835859456


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