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This page contains lists a few Web sites that have mentioned or reviewed our site, www.elated.com.


CoolHomepages.com - "The only known cure for Designer's Block" - have chosen www.elated.com as a design resource on their site. Thanks guys!

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About.com "Best of the Net" Award

Back in 1997, www.elated.com was proud to receive a "Best of the Net" Award from the highly respected About.com.

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Dr. Web's Graphics Clinic

"If my icons don't float your boat (or even if they do), you might enjoy a visit to elated.com, a new graphics site offering over 500 navigational buttons and icons, many of them real beauties. The buttons are organized in thematic sets (outer space, marble, and so on), making it easy to choose pieces that complement your site's theme. And they're all free for the taking, as long as you link back to the site. Since it's new (summer 1997) you can use these web components without fear of your site looking like a thousand others. Interesting articles and contests round out the site."


Excite Review of Photoshop Tips

"Provides a series of tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop users. Post a message on the users' forum."

Web Developer's Virtual Library

"[Elated.com] contains pagekits, which are free pre-designed, pre-programmed page templates that you may download (in .zip format), and alter to build your own page from scratch (graphics included). Pagekits are entire website templates, with all the code and images you need to get started with a great page. They are free to use; all Elated ask is that you mention them and put a link to the [their site] somewhere on your site. Although the idea of page templates has been around a very long time, I haven't seen them offered before; and their set of 15 templates have an extremely professional look about them."

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