26 November, 2002

Matt Doyle, Webmaster
Elated Communications Ltd
+61 (0)414 085519

Spamwars: Fighting Spam - The Fun Way!

A new free Flash game, Spamwars, allows players the chance to do fierce battle against spam and spammers. Armed with an impressive array of weaponry, Sid the Spammer and his evil spam can be held at bay. But Sid just keeps on coming...!

"We love this game - we can't stop playing it!" said Matt Doyle, Technical Director at "We wanted to produce a fun game that allows you to vent your frustrations with spam, in a fun and entertaining way. We all get spam every day, and it's nice to be able to do something apart from just sitting there and taking it! The weapons are great fun too - wait till you get to the flamethrower...!"

As well as Sid the Spammer's nasty spam, players need to watch out for viruses, and Sid gets tougher to beat as the levels progress. The game moves through many of the world's major cities, with different scenery for each city.

Spamwars was designed and coded by, a UK-based Web design house. It was written using Macromedia's Flash MX and requires the Flash 6 plugin to play. It features great music and sound-effects (that thankfully can be turned off when the boss enters the office!), and the game links up to a world-wide high score table on

Spamwars is now released, and can be played at the following URL:

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