ELATED Press Kit

This Press Kit contains useful information on our company and what we do on our site, www.elated.com. Feel free to use any of this text for press purposes.

Graphics and Logos

We have a 1.8Mb zip file of ELATED graphics. This zip file contains an ELATED logo and some screen grabs of the site in IE and Netscape. All images are 300dpi CMYK JPEGs.

If you need any more ELATED graphics or would like these graphics in a different format (e.g. TIFF), please contact Matt Doyle with your requirements.

About the Site

www.elated.com was developed back in 1997 as a free resource to provide Webmasters with the tools they needed to build great websites. Initially delivering free web graphics and clipart in the form of the highly popular ButtonKits, they have rapidly expanded to include a wide variety of excellent free resources for budding Webmasters.

The PageKits are entire website templates, including all the images and HTML needed to build a complete site. The PageKits are extremely popular, with thousands of downloads every day.

The ImageKits are a collection of thousands of stock photographs, Web buttons, clipart and animations. Visitors can browse different image categories and topics to find the images they want to use on their site.

The ActionKits are free Adobe Photoshop actions, similar to Photoshop's built-in filters, for creating automated graphic effects, such as Star Wars style explosions and robotic vision effects. They work with Photoshop version 4.0 and greater.

In the Articles section, ELATED provide a range of articles, tutorials and how-tos in 4 main areas: Web Graphics and Multimedia, Web Site Authoring, Web Programming, and Web Site Management. The articles are well-written and easy to understand, and cater for all expertise levels, from beginner to expert.

The Webmaster Forums are very popular, with over 2,000 members and hundreds of new topics being added every month. The members of ELATED contribute to the questions and answers, and are very friendly and helpful. There are many expert Webmasters who regularly help out and answer other Webmasters' questions.

What makes ELATED great is that all their resources are produced in-house by professional designers and copy writers, and they're committed to producing very high quality content that's free to use. Their style is also open and friendly, encouraging other Webmasters to offer their feedback and help wherever possible. These factors have contributed to ELATED's success - currently the site is receiving over 80,000 unique visitors every single month!

About the Company

Matt Doyle

Matt has been working hard with computers since he got his hands on a rusty old build-it-yourself box back in 1978. His varied career has seen him in the roles of IT management, Internet troubleshooting, C programming and graphic design. Six years ago he dived wholeheartedly into the Internet world, and has since been producing websites, graphic work and code for many prestigious and happy clients.

At ELATED, Matt's client work has focused on spot graphics (including 3-D work), coding, site hosting issues and site promotion.

Matt looks after the techy side of www.elated.com and concentrates on much of the site's marketing and promotion, in between going for walks, snowboarding and feeding his cat, Lucky.

Simon Meek

Simon has been working as a graphic designer since 1992, starting his career as in-house DTP at a local record company. He has worked for a new media company producing cd-roms and touchscreen kiosks, and a soho (London) -based web design company. He has produced work for many white collar clients and is as happy with print as he is the Internet.

With ELATED, Simon concentrates on the conceptual work for clients, as well as graphic design and much of the code. Largely responsible for the implementation of the much loved Pagekits, he is currently attempting to make his Mac perform the awesome task of making coffee.

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