Who runs Elated?

Elated has two founder members - Matt Doyle and Simon Meek. We've been running this site since 1997. Originally intended as a showcase for our design agency, Elated has, over the years, provided a range of tutorials, website template, stock photos and Photoshop actions to help you build better websites. These days, Elated.com is primarily a blog featuring high quality web design and development articles and tutorials.

If you'd like to ask us questions, please feel free to come to the Elated forums.

Press Area

If you work in the media you can find lots of useful press info and resources in our online Press Area.

Matt Doyle

Photo of Matt

Matt has been working hard with computers since he got his hands on a rusty old build-it-yourself box back in 1978. His varied career has seen him in the roles of IT management, Internet troubleshooting, C programming and graphic design. In 1994 he dived wholeheartedly into the Internet world, and has since been producing websites, graphic work and code for many prestigious and happy clients.

At Elated, Matt's client work has focused on spot graphics (including 3-D work), coding, site hosting issues and site promotion.

Matt looks after the techy side of www.elated.com and concentrates on much of the site's marketing and promotion, in between going for walks, snowboarding and bush regeneration (also known as "fixing the countryside"). He lives the NSW Southern Highlands, Australia, with his wife and kids.

Simon Meek

Photo of Si

Simon has been working as a graphic designer since 1992, starting his career as in-house DTP at a local record company. He has worked for a new media company producing cd-roms and touchscreen kiosks, and a soho (London) -based web design company. He has produced work for many white collar clients and is as happy with print as he is the internet.

With Elated, Simon concentrates on the site's design and branding, and also contributes a lot of design articles to the blog, as well as the Elated Extra newsletter. He is currently attempting to make his Mac perform the awesome task of making coffee.