Ecommerce - How to Take Payments Online

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05-Oct-09 00:00
This is a forum topic for discussing the article "Ecommerce - How to Take Payments Online":

Learn how to get a merchant account and payment gateway, and how to take payments without a merchant account. Also explains how to integrate payment systems with your store, and looks at fees and charges.
26-Oct-09 10:41
This is a nice guide for those considering taking their business to the next level.

26-Oct-09 22:34
Thanks mauco! The world of online payments and merchant accounts is pretty confusing, so I thought an article that outlined the main options would be helpful.


Matt Doyle, Elated
13-Aug-12 15:55
Even though article is several years old I still found resourceful as helping a guy like me who doesn't understand the ins and outs of setting up a e-commerce store. very well put together.
22-Aug-12 04:07

If you’re a small business, another way to take payments online in a flash is to sign up for FreshBooks. They have a very seamless way to a) invoice clients and b) set up all the steps for online payment (above) in a very simple, very efficient way.

I’d highly recommend FreshBooks for any entrepreneur who is just starting up a small business.

25-Feb-13 01:57
Now that you've got your website up and running and your products and services selected, it's time to think about how your customers will pay you. While accepting cash and checks in person at a brick-and-mortar location is an option when dealing with customers face-to-face, they aren't options online. And one of the best option is creating a PayPal account.

14-Apr-17 02:25
Great post! Clearly, even if browsing through a website and selecting products to buy is a breeze, if the payment process is annoying, customers tend to move on to a site which makes buying much easier.

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